The Old Big East is Now the American Athletic Conference


The Old Big East Conference, aka the Cincinnati and UCONN Conference, will be called the American Athletic Conference or the AAC, not to be confused with the ACC.

It is a smart move to not call the conference anything with a number in it, because teams will leave the conference, eventually, and teams will be added, eventually. Also it is a smart move not to put any regional term in it, such as “East”. With the way conferences are going, this AAC could one day add a team that’s on the other side of the World.

The AAC will begin with the 2014-15 Academic year. This conference will consist of UCONN, Central Florida, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, SMU, South Florida, Temple, Tulane, and Tulsa.

Also, in 2015 Navy will become a football-only member.