Reds’ Options to Replace Ludwick


Yesterday Reds LF Ryan Ludwick dislocated his right shoulder during the process of sliding into third. Luckily, Ludwick throws left-handed, but he will still more than likely at-least go on the 15 day disabled list.

The Reds have several options when it comes to replacing Ludwick.

They could bring up the best base stealer in Minor League Baseball history, Billy Hamilton. If they brought up Hamilton, who last played in AA Pensacola, he would more than likely ride the bench, and Heisey would start.  But then the question would be whether Heisey should play CF or if Choo should remain in that spot.  Choo is really just getting used to CF, he spent all of Spring Training adjusting himself to the angles he’ll see as a center-fielder.  The last thing you would want him to do is move over to left field and have to get used to those angles, as Choo has never been a left-fielder.

If the Reds do bring up Hamilton, and start Heisey, then Heisey would likely bat second and Brandon Phillips would move back to the clean-up spot where Ludwick was.

The Reds could also bring up Derrick Robinson who had a great Spring Training.  He would still ride the bench though, as Heisey would start.

Or Cincinnati could bring up one of the guys I mentioned, and start Xavier Paul in left. Paul would probably bat second and Phillips would move down to the fourth spot.

The Reds have several options, and none of them seem like a bad idea.