Ok Maybe Gunner Kiel Is A Nutcase


Over the weekend I wrote a post about Gunner Kiel visiting Cincinnati spring practice. He visited obviously to get a feel for the team and offense as he is looking to transfer. He apparently liked what he saw which is why I posted about him being a major steal for Cincinnati if he landed here.

Well apparently he is visiting a few schools as he looks to transfer from Notre Dame. When I say few you assume two maybe three schools, certainly it can’t be more than four? Try eight, EIGHT schools.

Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

This kid is fit for a straight jacket two ways from sunday. Here is his backround while he was being recruited. Verbal commitment to Indiana, decommitted and committed to LSU, then he realized maybe LSU wasn’t for him so he committed to Notre Dame. Three commitments in under a year. Sure the commitment to Indiana seemed like a drunken mistake so I give him a pass. But leaving LSU and now Notre Dame raises some red flags.

My feeling is this kid has been catered and pandered to his whole life, if he can’t be the number one guy he wants to leave. Having said that it raises red flags for him coming to Cincinnati. There are currently three freshmen quarterbacks on the roster, not a lot of room for Kiel. Another is the type of offense Tommy Tuberville will run, Kiel may not fit in well. Plus as a fan I don’t want to deal with a prima donna.

At the end of the day Kiel will likely end up at Tennessee with that another nutcase in Butch Jones. So maybe its not a bad fit after all.

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