Mar 26, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during a press conference at the NFL Annual Meetings. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's #AskCommish Went Well

Why do organizations continue to do these twitter Q&A’s? Remember the NYPD one a few weeks back? They are instantly hijacked by highly entertaining tweets that are usually inappropriate and flat out mean. The NFL thought it would be a good idea to allow fans to ask Commissioner Roger Goodell some questions.

All hell broke loose and if Goodell doesn’t fell like garbage after today then he never will. You can bet the NFL will never had another Twitter Q&A. Here are a few of the best ones:

As if the Draft wasn’t already long enough. Surely Goodell has thought about pushing the draft back even further.

At a time where racism is the hottest topic in the country this tweet hits right at the NFL.

The NFL has taken a lot of guff over their concussion policy and settlement, if there is anyone to ask how to screw over employees there is no better company than the NFL.

This is one that needs to happen immediately, fire Berman. And Joe Buck. And Thom Brennaman. And Troy Aikman. And Phil Simms. And Mike Tirico. And make sure Ron Jaworski is never on TV again. Thanks.

Spot on observation here.

Of course he didn’t Peter. Matter of fact I don’t like Peter now, why are you verified? No one knows you.

Best tweet of the day hands down. Best tweet of the day hands down. Hey, best tweet of the day hands down. You get it.

SportsPickle had a ton of great ones, check them out on Twitter.

Stupid Harry Reid had to make it about racism as well. Focus on hookers and meth in your own state.

Steve addresses something that needs to be addressed by the NFL. This is repulsive.

Perfectly stated.

That’s a Jameis Winston jab for those of you keeping score at home.


Do you think Andy Dalton is an elite quarterback.



There you have it. Any organization/company thinking about doing a Twitter Q&A be smart. If people hate you and you know, Mark Emmert I’m looking at you, don’t do something like this.

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