Apr 21, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto (19) high-fives catcher Devin Mesoraco (39) after Mesoraco scored a run against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the seventh inning at PNC Park. The Pirates won 6-5. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4/22) Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, Stowaway Kid

Alright lets jump right into this. The Cincinnati Reds lost last night on a walk off. The Bengals are looking to extend two of their face of the franchise players. Darren Rovell update, he has been twitter silenced by the World Wide Leader and some kid climbed in a wheel well of a jet and flew from California to Hawaii.

This kid, where do you even start. First off if you want to run away from home no better way than putting 3,000 miles and an ocean in-between you and your parents so this kid did it right. Obviously he was 16 and has no comprehension of altitude, oxygen and temperature. The FAA has 5 reported cases of people surviving a flight stowed away in the wheel well of a plane. At 38,000 there is little oxygen, he was not in a pressurized cabin, not to mention subzero temperatures.

They grounds grew found him walking around the tarmac in Hawaii, great work by the crack security team in San Jose by the way. Video surveillance of this kid hopping the fence and walking across the tarmac to Hawaiian Airlines, makes me feel comfortable getting on a plane.

Cincinnati Reds

Had to rant about that kid to bring myself to talk about the Cincinnati Reds (8-11). The Reds lost Monday night to the Pittsburgh Pirates (9-11) on a walk off hit that was two kinds of embarrassing for the Reds. A poor spinning leap by Phillips and an awful read on the bounce by Mesoraco allowed Russell Martin to slide into home safely.

The only positive to come from Monday was the fact the Reds can come back from a huge momentum swing. Ike Davis hit a grand slam off Mike Leake to give the Pirates a 4-2 lead. Cincinnati managed to pull themselves back into the lead which was a much needed good sign.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh love to hit each other at the plate. The Pirates led off the game hitting Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati responded later hitting Neil Walker. There is no love lost between the teams or their fans. Pittsburgh has turned into the new St. Louis, whiny little girls.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals exercised the 5th year option on wide receiver AJ Green. Green the 4th overall pick in 2011 is currently playing out his rookie contract. The fifth year option will guarantee Green will make upwards of $10M in 2015. The Bengals are still looking to sign Green to a long term deal.

Andy Dalton and the Bengals are also working on a long term deal. Dalton believes he is the face of the franchise and the coaching staff seems to agree. The Bengals will likely give Dalton a deal in the $15M a year range, a number that is surely going to infuriate the fans.

Darren Rovell

An update from yesterday, a day after fat shaming a guy at the Bulls game for buying two seats for himself it appears Rovell has been twitter silenced by ESPN. Rovell obviously knew he had done something wrong, he apologized and deleted the tweet.

This isn’t the first time ESPN has done this, they regularly silence their employees on twitter. Bill Simmons is probably the most famous example. 

Video of the Day

People always ask me why I don’t want kids. Personally I don’t like them, they’re loud, expensive and at some point they will end up putting me in a situation where I have to deal with parents like this. Not only do I hate parents who think their kids are the greatest things on earth I hate that they record it and post it to youtube.

P.s your kid hit puberty too early, wait until everyone is his size, he isn’t that great.

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