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What If Donald Trump Owned The Cincinnati Bengals?

Donald Trump is rumored to be interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. How would the Cincinnati Bengals look if the Donald bought the team in orange?

Donald Trump has said publicly he has been approached to buy the Bills, he has also said he is very interested in that proposal. Look at his twitter, he tags @NFLCommish in every pro Trump tweet. The idea of Trump as an owner has to be both exciting and scary for the Bills fan base.

Trump brings with him publicity, a huge national name and media savvy unlike any one else. As someone who always finds a way to put his name into a story Trump would be the best owner from a marketing standpoint. Think Jerry Jones just more in touch with reality.

Now what if Trump were to buy the Bengals? Would that be better than Mike Brown and would the fans support such a move? The quick answer is yes. Without a doubt Donald Trump would be a much better owner than the current regime in Cincinnati. Not only is Trump a man of the people, some one who is willing to interact with the fans and maybe, just maybe actually listen to concerns. paul brown stadium

If Trump bought the Cincinnati Bengals fans could expect a litany of changes to follow. All of the stadium upgrades that the Bengals waited years for wanting the county to pay for, those would have been taken care of immediately. A massive HD video board would have been first on the list, it would obviously take up the width of the end zone because Trump doesn’t do anything tiny. Stadium Wi-Fi would be among the fastest in the league. Donald Trump and his team know what people want, look at his hotels and golf courses, they are second to none, why would their NFL stadium be any different?

As for team personnel this is where it becomes iffy. How Trump would act could go one of two ways. Either he would be Jerry Jones, a very public Owner and General Manager who believes he knows football when in reality he doesn’t. Before you get mad Cowboy fans look at your record and tell me when your last Super Bowl was. Exactly so direct your anger at Jerry Jones. The other way Trump could go is to be a laid back owner, someone who surrounds himself with a good front office to make decisions for him. One thing that is certain, Andy Dalton wouldn’t be the Bengals quarterback.

Trump is also a very outspoken individual. That could be a headache for the NFL offices and the commissioner. The publicity though would be phenomenal for the team, think about the Bengals right now, when do they make national headlines? For arrests and playoff woes, that is about it. With Trump, the Bengals name would always be in the news, whether that is good or bad is yet to be seen.

Donald Trump as the Bengals owner would be a phenomenal upgrade, not to mention the Cincinnati real-estate market could become prime pickings for Trump. Although it will never happen if Trump passes on the Bills look southwest to Cincinnati, maybe the Brown family is feeling generous.

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