Apr 16, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto throws against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the eighth inning at Great American Ball Park. The Reds won 4-0. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4/17): Cincinnati Reds, BMS, Joey Votto

What a great day Wednesday was. The Cincinnati Reds won their first series of the season, Johnny Cueto dominated the Pirates. Playoff hockey started, watch it! Then news came that Blue Mountain State is trying to kickstart enough to make a movie! Holy hell.

If you were unlucky enough to have Time Warner Cable last night you didn’t get to watch the hockey playoffs on NBCSN. Was it only my tv that didn’t work? I have no idea but I was none too happy about it. Great games all around last night, if you don’t get jazzed up for playoff hockey you’re living your life wrong.

By the way Smokey and the Bandit is on while I’m writing this. Sally Fields was a looker back in the day. Seriously.

Cincinnati Reds

What a dominating way to win. A complete game shutout by Johnny Cueto led the Reds to a 4-0 victory. Cueto allowed only 3 hits and a career high 12 strike outs. Cincinnati has had a great start to the season in regards to starting pitching minus Homer.

The offense came back to life. Joey Votto has led the Reds resurgence. Since moving to the 2 spot Votto is 8-17 with 4 home runs. The Reds look to continue their winning streak (2) this weekend in Chicago against the Cubs.

Also on Wednesday the MLB’s new catchers rule was challenged by the Reds Roger Bernadina. He was called out even though Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez completely blocked the plate without the ball. The play was reviewed and upheld. It was just another example against the new rule.

Joey Votto

Joey Votto sat down with the MLB Network to discuss his father’s untimely death and the years that followed. Votto says he went through “hell” following his father’s death. Panic attacks ensued, both on and off the field. Votto was scared to be alone at his own place, to the point he wanted to call 911.

It was a scare situation, read the whole write up and see the video here.

Blue Mountain State

It’s back! Potentially that is. Blue Mountain State ended after its third season, never giving the fans or the Mountain Goats a senior season. Now it appears the fans may get what they have always dreamed of. A fourth season, in the form of a movie.

Thad Castle and Alex Moran will join the original cast in the film that has started a kickstarter to get the movie off the ground and moving. They need $1.5M to get the film into production this summer.  Read the whole write up here and check out the kickstarter.

Video of the Day

Check out this hardo at the Giants game. You come dressed in full catchers gear to the ball park re-evaluate your life.


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