Apr 13, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds left fielder Chris Heisey (28) is congratulated by first baseman Joey Votto (19) after Heisey hit a grand slam during the eighth inning at Great American Ball Park.The Reds won 12-4. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4-14) Cincinnati Reds, The Masters, MTV Awards

Back to rain today in Cincinnati and around one inch of snow tonight. Welcome to April.

Spring is wonderful, baseball is back, the sun is out, the temperature goes up to remind us there is actual warmth in the world. I have to say though, I can not stand spring. Not because I’m some miserable “I hate the world” hipster. I hate spring because of allergies. While everyone enjoyed their Sunday I spent the day looking as if I was crying due to itchy eyes and dealing with a runny nose. Spring can exit whenever it would like.

A lot of the beginning of these articles/blogs is me complaining. I’m not an angry person I promise. If you wear a “yolo” hat and a “swag” shirt in public expect me to sarcastically mock you. Yes I’m talking to you lady I saw at the mall on Sunday. What are you doing with your life? This isn’t a Tyga video, stop it.

The Cincinnati Reds played yesterday. Did you see? If you didn’t you’ll surely be shocked. Not only did the Reds not lose, they scored 12 runs in the process. Twelve. I changed the channel four times just to make sure it was real, it was. Mainly because Thom Brennaman sounded so shocked he couldn’t be negative, so you know it has to be real life.

Cincinnati Reds

Bryan Price jumbles up the lineup, Reds win. Bryan Price looks like a genius to me. Joey Votto in the two spot defies all traditional baseball logic but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t worked out. Brandon Phillips in the three spot brought him to life and Zach Cozart got two hits. I have no idea how all of this happened. Carry on boys.

The Reds face the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight at 7:10 if it doesn’t snow. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh had some volatile games last season. The tension came following an Aroldis Chapman wild pitch that hit Andrew McCutchen. Following that the Reds and the Pirates pelted the other teams batters during every series. Watch for more of that over this series.

The Masters

Yesterday was a win win for golf. The PGA was either going to have an absolute fan favorite and all around good guy Bubba Watson win The Masters or the youngest champion in the history of the tournament in Jordan Speith.

Bubba Watson won, in case you have been M.I.A for the last twelve hours. Following his win Watson won over everyone’s heart when his son walked out onto the green creating on of those great Masters moments.

Speith played phenomenally for his first major, his time will come and at only 20 there is a long career ahead for this kid.

MTV Movie Awards

MTV had their version of The Oscars last night. Scratch that, MTV had a fan girl show last night that made me question why I even tuned in. Oh I remember because Red Sox v. Yankees was on and I’m tired of ESPN shoving the “rivalry” down my throat. It isn’t a rivalry, hasn’t been since 2004.

Anyway Conan O’Brien hosted the show and showed everyone why NBC paid him to leave The Tonight Show. Conan’s jokes fell flat, everything seemed force or so planned there was no fluidity to any situation. To each his own though, maybe he appeals to teens?

As for the actual awards, they’re all completely pointless. “Best Kiss” won by We Are The Millers, first off thats an awful category. Secondly, the kid in that move, the british one that you didn’t know was british, he babbled on for what felt like hours. Then came the “Trailblazer” award that went to Channing Tatum. Yes, Magic Mike is a trailblazer, I had no idea he was that talented. And Johah Hill gave him the award, oh boy. The Paul Walker tribute was very well done, as bad as his movies were he seemed like a good guy.

As for the awards show, get rid of it MTV, spend that money on more shows to exploit people.

Video of the Day

Julian from Indiana may be the dumbest contestant in the history of Wheel of Fortune. Bro, you can’t say Achilles?


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