Apr 11, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds Brandon Phillips (4) jokes around with Tampa Bay Rays Ben Zobrist (18) during the game at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4/12) Cincinnati Reds, DJ Reyburn, Baseball Fans

Graduating college is a pain in the ass. Honestly I’d rather keep going forever than finish at this point. Boo-whoo poor Matt I know you all feel my pain. You write final paper on Chinese foreign policy in the South China Sea and how the United States will react, tell me how survived, it is touch and go with me at the moment. It is perhaps worse than watching this Cincinnati Reds offense.

Enough about me, how was your Friday night? Naturally more exciting than mine. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the nice weather yesterday, it is going to be nicer today. Look at that not only do we give your sports news, we got you covered on the weather too. Your welcome Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Reds

Reds lost 2-1. There is that, now on to the things that really matter. Where is the offense and why can’t we find it? Put it on the back of a milk carton so we can get it back. Most notably Zach Cozart has continued to struggle, 1-29 to start the season. Why he is still in the everyday lineup is beside anyone with half a brain. Cozart has never been a great hitter but he is usually phenomenally better than he is right now.

How about the pitching last night? Cincinnati’s trend of strong starting pitchers continued with a strong outing by Johnny Cueto, unfortunately the offense could not get him the run support he needed. Not to mention the game ended with the bases loaded.

The Reds return to GABP today at 1:10pm.

DJ Reyburn

Who the heck is this you ask? Reds fans know him well, he is part of the reason the bases remained loaded after the final. Reyburn had two separate strike zones for the Tampa Bay Rays and the Reds last night. Cincinnati’s strike zone appeared to be about 15 inches, the Rays strike zone appeared to be about 30 inches.

Cueto wasn’t getting the calls he thought he was while David Price was getting everything. Cueto was visibly upset and same for the Reds batter particularly Ryan Ludwick. Ludwick was called out twice on strike that were well off the plate. Reds manager Bryan Price let Reyburn have it from the dugout. The game ended on a called strike 5 inches off the plate that left Brayan Pena baffled.

MLB needs to do something about Reyburn.

Baseball Fans

This is my plea to baseball fans. You can not touch players when they are on the field. We saw an incident here in Cincinnati with Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams, and America saw another incident last night when a Los Angeles Angels fan touched Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson as he tried to throw the ball back to second.


Granderson stopped mid throw to confront the fan who put his whole hand flat on Granderson’s back. You as a fan can not touch players, stop it. Stop with the “I paid for a ticket I can say and do whatever I want” no you can’t. You are the worst type of fan if you believe that. No one is coming to your cubicle yelling at you and touching you, not only would you be mad you would go to HR. So quit it. 

I think what I hate most about that clip is how the guy knows he has a wall to separate them so he gets a boost of confidence then looks around at the other fans like “did I do anything wrong?” Yuck, hate guys like that.

Video of the Day

Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball 2014 Highlights.

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