Apr 8, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Homer Bailey (34) delivers a pitch against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4-9) Cincinnati Reds, Bruce Springsteen

Is Bruce Springsteen to cool for the room? After 2.5 hours last night we called it quits and left the concert without hearing a single classic hit by “The Boss.” I’m not a Springsteen fan in the least, the tickets were free so of course I went. Sitting in a packed US Bank with 10,000 middle aged drunks bobbing and swaying to songs I’ve never heard of was massively entertaining.

Now that I can’t hear anything still I’m left wondering why I even went. Bruce is a hell of a showman, he works a crowd better than anyone. The only complain from last night is play some songs everyone knows. Man did we feel out of place surrounded by people belting out every song while we checked twitter for the Reds scores.

There’s the positive from last night, I had an excuse not to watch the Reds, thanks Bruce.

Cincinnati Reds

You’re mad Homer Bailey didn’t throw a no hitter against the Cardinals aren’t you? Everyone on twitter last night was mad Homer had a bad outing. It happens, what fans expect out of players is perfection every night. Breaking news, it doesn’t happen.

Homer had a bad night, the offense actually scored runs for once but that wasn’t enough. You can’t score runs and give up more runs, thats not a winning formula.

The good news from last night, the Reds can get hits. 9 in total is a respectable number. Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Devin Mesoraco all had two hits. Billy Hamilton had a hit again! Zach Cozart has started a new hitless streak while Todd Frazier’s hitting streak ended. The Reds will come around offensively, it is still too early to panic but with six of their first nine games against the Cardinals the Reds find themselves in a hole in the division.

Cincinnati plays at 1:45pm ET Wednesday afternoon.

UConn Sweeps

Not only did the UConn men’s basketball team win a National Championship on Monday night, their women’s team responded by winning the women’s National Championship on Tuesday. UConn becomes the second team in history to win both basketball titles in the same year. The other to do it? UConn in 2004.

Am I jealous? Hell yes I’m jealous, greedy UConn taking two National Championships while Cincinnati hasn’t won one since 1962.

UC Riots

If you go to UC, we received three emails on Tuesday outlining how great we are for the community, blah blah blah. The administration also outlined if you are part of a “riot” and are arrested but UCPD or CPD you will be expelled from the university immediately.

Hence don’t be a part of a riot. A trend that is sweeping the nation.

This has been your RFB Public Service Announcement.

Video of the Day

If you missed Joey Votto dressed as a Canadian Mountie, watch this.

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