Apr 7, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart (2) hits a one run single off of St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Trevor Rosenthal (not pictured) during the ninth inning at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Reds 5-3. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4-8) Cincinnati Reds, National Championship

It is over. Finally the NCAA Tournament has come to an end. Nothing is worse than having your team lose in the first round only to have to watch the rest of the tournament. In case you missed it, don’t know how you would really, the Connecticut Huskies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 in Dallas Monday night.

There is proof that luck will not win you a National Championship. Kentucky lucked their way to the National Championship with numerous last second shots. Monday night they failed to make free throws, that costed them the game. Drake has to be so sad.

I have to say though and I think I speak for the majority of people, I’m really glad Kentucky lost. Wildcats fans in Cincinnati rank up there with Ohio State fans as the most annoying. Also UConn is from the AAC, support your conference Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Reds

In case you forgot about the Reds yesterday they played at 4:15 in St. Louis. Cincinnati is 3-25 since 2003 in St. Louis and you can now make that 3-26 as the Reds fell to the Cardinals 5-3.

Cincinnati’s inability to score with runners on base is phenomenal, never have a I seen  baseball team less competent than Reds when it comes to runners being on base.

Zach Cozart finally got a hit, his 0-22 streak to start the season is over. Billy Hamilton popped out in the 9th to end the game with two runners on. This is going to be an up and down season for the Reds this year, strap in people.

College Riots

The new trend over the length of March Madness is to riot when your school wins. Or in Kentucky’s case riot when your team loses because you lack humility, and you live in Kentucky, pick whichever you’d like.


No idea what this Kentucky fan is doing.                

Connecticut is no better, Storrs police have said they arrested 30 people over night. Can’t anyone riot without destroying cars?! Come on people, now some poor kid has to deal with their insurance company. Might as well just punch that kid instead of his car, would have been a lesser headache than talking to Rick from Allstate for 3 hours. 


Did they raid someone’s bed room? I spy a bed, coffee table, a dresser goes bouncing on top of the car. What the hell Connecticut?

Video of the Day

Everyone hates Nick Cannon thats a given. No one hates Nick Cannon as much as Knick fans.

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