Apr 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Julius Randle (left) celebrates with guard Aaron Harrison (2) after defeating the Wisconsin Badgers in the semifinals of the Final Four in the 2014 NCAA Mens Division I Championship tournament at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Update (4-6) Kentucky Wildcats, Cincinnati Reds

The sun is out, the temperature is going up, all seems right in Cincinnati.

Except for the fact the Reds are 1-4, people are flat out panicking and the Kentucky Wildcats are back in the National Championship. Other than that everything is splendid.

CBS infuriated fans last night with their “team casts” apparently no one got the memo that was going to happen. I would have watched but I was busy making cookies, attempting to make cookies. Why? Because I’m a man. Or if my girlfriend says we’re doing this I just do it, much easier that way. Not like I missed anything from that Kentucky game.

Also, watch MUD last night with Matthew McConaughey. What is the point of that movie?! Why was Reese Witherspoon in it? Honestly could do a whole write up on what makes no sense in that movie. If you know what the point is comment at the bottom I’m not re-watching it.

Cincinnati Reds

Have you panicked yet? Tossed your hat in the trash, boxed up your team shirts while hoping fall was here for the Bengals already? Unfortunately this is the Reds we have been dealt this season. Saturday exemplified everything that scared anyone who follows the Reds closely. Common fans are panicking, those who believed the Reds would be 5-0 this season because Billy was called up.

Things will get worse before they get better. Alfredo Simon is staring for the Reds Sunday, a reliever that can go multiple innings. If you are already done with this team don’t tune it, more than likely it will not be pretty.

As for Saturday, a rare Joey Votto mistake made the ninth extra difficult for Hoover. That is no excuse for loading the basis and giving up a grand slam though.

Cincinnati Cyclones

Cincinnati’s most winning team in recent years will once again be making a playoff run. If you haven’t been to a Cyclones game this season you will definitely want to make it out for a playoff game as the team makes a push for their third Kelly Cup.

Kentucky Wildcats

Enough about the Wildcats. A mediocre team all season goes to the National Championship and every media member is running around saying how they’ve been building for this all season.

The have won four NCAA Tournament games by less than 5 points. Lucky isn’t being good. Luck always runs out and hopefully UConn can end the Kentucky madness Monday night.

Also Kentucky fans, I plea to you, UCLA will always be better than Kentucky in the record books. Wildcat fans also seem to forget the Bruins have 11 National Championships to your 8. So calm down on the claims that you are the best team ever. Not close, not to mention you have a head coach who has had NCAA violations resulting in vacated wins and tournament appearances at each coaching job he’s had.

P.s How is Drake in the locker room after the game not an NCAA violation?


“How long have you been a Kentucky fan?”  “Always”

Oh yuck. Drake is repulsive

What to watch

The Reds play at 1:10pm on FSOhio, they look to avoid being swept.

UC Lacrosse at 2pm, if you are on campus or just want to watch college lacrosse.

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