Apr 5, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Aaron Harrison (2) and James Young (1) celebrate their 74-73 win over the Wisconsin Badgers in the semifinals of the Final Four in the 2014 NCAA Mens Division I Championship tournament at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Media, Enough About The Kentucky Wildcats

For what it is worth the city of Cincinnati is located in south western Ohio on the banks of the Ohio River. Cincinnati is home to two division 1 universities, the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. One university that is not located in Cincinnati is the University of Kentucky. Located in Lexington the University of Kentucky is 83 miles from Cincinnati.

Cincinnati media seems to have forgotten this, grasping at anything to remain relevant as the NCAA Tournament comes to an end Cincinnati media has evidently adopted the Wildcats as Cincinnati’s team. The Cincinnati Enquire and every news outlet have gone over the top with their coverage of Kentucky.

Lexington is home to their own news stations, their own newspaper. Leave the coverage of the Wildcats to the people that have covered them all season.

The Cincinnati meanwhile should cover events happening in the city they belong to. Perhaps the Reds, why Cozart is still in the lineup, the Bearcats spring game. All of which will not be discussed to the extent Kentucky will be tonight and on Monday.

On top of the media’s new found obsession the Cincinnati Reds made waves on twitter this morning when their tweet from last night went viral.

Fans and ESPN alike believed the Reds would be wearing blue caps in their game Sunday. Obviously Major League Baseball would never approve a uniform change that drastically for no reason other than to support a college team. That didn’t stop fans from voicing their frustration on twitter. Why don’t the Reds support themselves, or perhaps the two schools in their own city.

Now obviously Kentucky is just right across the river, you can see it from GABP or any North/South street with a clear view in the city. There are numerous Kentuckians that make the commute to Cincinnati each day, obviously many will be Wildcats fans. That is wonderful, good for them, in the age of the internet and social media follow Kentucky blogs there.

Kentucky is a lot like Ohio State. Besides their fans thinking their “schools” are the greatest schools ever they both encompass their respective states. The people of Kentucky are Kentucky fans regardless if they’ve ever been to Lexington or not. People in the most back road, ho dump little towns are Kentucky fans. Same goes for Ohio State, people that never went to college attach themselves to these universities because of their “winning ways.”

Above is the reason why people outside of the Kentucky fan base can not stand the Wildcats or their fans. 8 National Championships is great, six more than UC has, but it isn’t the all time record. Yet Kentucky fans regard their school as the greatest basketball school ever. Personally, there are some people in California that would disagree with you.

Cincinnati sports radio has given more time to Kentucky this tournament than they gave the Bearcats all season. No offense to Kentucky fans, this city wasn’t built on the shoulder of Adolph Rupp, it was built on the shoulders of the Cincinnati Reds.

Lets talk a little bit more about the teams that actually matter in this city and little less about a team that will never set foot in this town.

Ps. What does attainment mean?


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