Mike Brown To Move Bengals To LA

Today Bengals’ owner and GM, Mike Brown, son of the legendary Paul Brown, announced that he has decided to move the Bengals from Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

LA is the 2nd biggest city in the United States of America, while Cincinnati isn’t even the 2nd biggest city in the state of Ohio. Brown hopes that a bigger population means a bigger stadium and more fans.

“LA has a rich football history, they used to be home to several professional football teams and now don’t have a team. That’s not fair to the millions of people that call Southern California home” said Mike Brown, “we want to bring a winning team to the city of Los Angeles.”

I asked Brown how he thinks the city of Cincinnati will feel about this. His response was “Cincinnati will go one, I promise you that. Cincinnati is a marvelous city that I am blessed to have called home for the last few decades, but it’s time for a change.”

As you can see, he completely avoided my question. One reporter for the NFL Network asked him the same question hoping to get a better response. All he got from Brown was “Bengals’ fans can root for the Colts or Browns, I don’t care which!”

The NFL has set up a news conference with Mike Brown and numerous current Bengals players including Andy Dalton, Giovani Bernard, AJ Green, and Kevin Huber. The conference will be held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati and will be televised on the NFL Network on Wednesday at 4:60 PM Atlantic Time.

Of course, the press conference is set for April 1st. Happy April Fools Day!


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  • philip

    Is this legit??? I seem to think its a hoax being it was posted on April 1. And there is no proof elsewhere but here.

  • Dawn Laub Tenkotte

    We couldn’t get lucky enough for him to move the Bungholes out of Cincinnati.

    • Versace Poptarts

      You look like a bunghole

  • Jamo da Don

    Look at what time the press conference is set for, this is fake

  • Duke

    Lol look at the author, you really belive this guy talked to Mike Brown? Hahahah, besides he said the press conference would be held at 4:60 pm. COMPLETELY FAKE

  • Jason Daily

    Good, hopefully the next owner will be willing to pay the great athletes the money to keep them here instead of being a cheap ass who gets rid of them

  • Sherri Taylor

    I knew it was a joke when he said he wanted to give the people of LA a winning team. I’m still chuckling.

  • Michael Man

    This is fake because there’s no time as 4:60. This guy is trying to play a joke on all Bengals fan thinking that we believed that Mike Brown trying to move the Bengals to LA.