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Cincinnati Reds Fans In All Out Panic

Spring Training is coming to an end very quickly. Monday the Cincinnati Reds return home for Opening Day at GABP agains the St. Louis Cardinals. Everything seems quite pleasant around GABP, Johnny Cueto was announced as Monday’s starter, people are excited to get going. That is until you look online at the plethora of fans losing their collective minds again.

Generally on twitter I ignore 90% of the tweets I see. The season hasn’t started yet and people are already in an all out panic. Then I came across a tweet from Cincinnati radio talk show host Mo Egger today. The article titled “A Plea To Bryan Price” is outlandish, I like Mo, he’s always been fair and even mentioned an article of ours once but this “Plea” is unnecessary and over the top.

In the article Egger pleas with Price to send everyone home, to bag the final few games of Spring Training and call up the most minor or minor leaguers to fill in for the starters.

“The season starts on Monday.  You play a game against the Cardinals that counts.  Right now, I have no idea who is going to be on your team, and more important, I don’t think you have a clue who is going to be on your team.  And yet today, tomorrow, and Saturday, there are more games to play.”

Come on Mo. We all know who is going to be on the team, you know the starting 8, you know the rotation until Mat Latos comes back, stop acting like half the roster is gone. If you don’t know who is going to be on the team you might want to re-evaluate your job as a sports show host.

“The anchor of the bullpen has staples in his head.  The probable anchor of the starting rotation had surgery before the buckets were filled with baseballs.  Starters have been scratched.  Catchers have been sidelined.   Bullpen sessions have been canceled.  Setbacks have been had. The disabled list is starting to look like a lineup card”

Chapman got hurt on a freak play, the occurrence of that play is so minor no one could have predicted it would have happened. Starters have been scratched, its Spring Training starters get scratched all the time for essentially no reasons at all. Catchers have been sidelined, Mesoraco is the only lengthy sideline. The disabled list is made up of back-ups there are two large names on there but not enough big names to panic.

The Reds have games in Pensecola on Friday and Louisville on Saturday, both games are sold out as fans want to see the 2014 Reds take the field. Price should make one run through the lineup then but the minor leaguers in, which will likely happen.

It is March 27th, the post season doesn’t start until September 30th, that is a long way away. The idea that people are panicking right now is insane. Things will get better, 162 games is a long time, lets wait until the All-Star break before we judge this team or go into a legitimate all out panic.

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