Dayton Daily News Taunts Ohio State

The opening game of the NCAA Tournament Thursday brought the first upset of March Madness when the Dayton Flyers took down powerhouse Ohio State 60-59 after a made shot with 3 seconds left in the game. Ohio State’s Aaron Craft in his what felt like 9th tournament missed the game winning shot at the buzzer giving the Flyers the win.

This was not just a bracket busting upset, it was also a huge upset in the state of Ohio. It was David beating Goliath, it was the looked down upon little brother taking it the all-star jock. It was a huge win for the Flyers who come from the Atlantic 10 conference, and an embarrassing loss for the Buckeyes and their “powerful” Big 10 conference.

The Dayton Daily News took the Ultimate shot at Ohio State with their front page Friday morning.


THE University of Dayton. Ohio State and their fans love to say THE Ohio State University, as if there is another Ohio State that is trying to steal their luster. It has long been one of the most annoying saying in college sports and Dayton took their opportunity to hit Ohio State where it hurst again.

Every team in Ohio takes pleasure in watching the Buckeyes lose, the Cincinnati fans at the bar where cheering harder for the Flyers than possibly the Flyers fans were. We all band together to revel in the joy of watching Ohio State lose. The Buckeyes were not even a good team this season, but still, watching them lose made everyone’s day.

Now Ohio State fans will say they weren’t good, they’ll have excuses and whatever. End of the day Dayton got the last laugh by not only beating them, but also mocking their ridiculous school name.

Just so Ohio State fans know every school can say their school name like douches. Watch, you ready for this? THE University of Cincinnati. Are we qualified to be in the Big 10 now? I feel dirty now, I’m going to go take a shower.

Go Flyers, Cincinnati is supporting you now. Maybe not Xavier but you don’t want them anyways.

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  • Letterman007

    Beaten twice by the last place team in the Big Ten, Penn State, who didn’t make the dance and also beaten had a lame year on offense, it was no giant accomplishment beating OSU ! It’s not like you thumped them by 15 to 20 points! Congrats on your win, but here comes Syracuse. Now what, neither you or OSU was or is getting by them!!

    • Matt Niehaus

      So Dayton got past Syracuse. Your thoughts?

      • Letterman007

        Surprise, but I hadn’t seen much of of Syracuse this year! Good for Dayton!

  • TheOhioStateBuckeyes

    Enjoy your win, and congrats on beating Syracuse. I’m an OSU grad and applaud you for being on the national stage. However, if you’re going to have an insignificant little brother syndrome, I’d suggest you get over yourselves. Before two days ago, 99% of the country was unaware your school existed. “See you during Football season”, said no one ever to The University of Dayton. Best wishes.

    • Matt Niehaus

      Not a UD student, just supporting the “little guy.” I will see you this fall in football though. UC student.