Mar 20, 2014; Spokane, WA, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats guard Sean Kilpatrick (23, left), forward Justin Jackson (5, center) and head coach Mick Cronin (right) address the media in a press conference after a men

Cincinnati Bearcats Fall To Harvard In NCAA Tournament

The University of Cincinnati Men’s Basketball team are one and done in the NCAA tournament for the second straight season, this time as a number five seed.

Cincinnati fall to the Harvard Crimson 61-57 Thursday in second-round action at Spokane Arena.

The Crimson led almost all the way against the Bearcats though leads were rarely more than four points.

” In my mind, today’s game was anything but an upset,” Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said. “They’ve got a great team. Tough draw for us.

“In my opinion, that’s one of the best teams we played all year.”

The Crimson led 36-28 at the half after making half of their shots and holding Cincinnati to 35 percent shooting. Harvard finished  at 43.2 percent from the field, compared to 36.8 percent for the Bearcats.

“We missed a lot of lay-ups, Cronin said. Well, it was 27 missed lay-ups, can’t have that in a single elimination game.

Senior guard Sean Kilpatrick led Cincinnati with 18 points, but committed five turnovers. Harvard hounded Kilpatrick on defense much of the game.

Kilpatrick was limited to four shots and seven points in the second half.

“Everytime we tried to free him, they double him, Cronin said. “At times, we did get him the ball and he tried to advance it to the basket, and they put guys on him.”

Cincinnati and Harvard rank among the nation’s stingiest defense teams. Bearcats forward Justin Jackson led all players with  11 rebounds and four blocked shots, and scored 13 points, but missed a number of lay-ups and finished 5-15 from the field.

We at RFB want to thank Kilpatrick, Jackson and Titus Rubels for all the great memories, Bearcat nation will surely miss you and hopefully we comeback next season and continue to get better.

So, before I’m done, I got a quote from a Cincinnati fan whose a bit too upset on the defeat, at least he didn’t say “Fire Cronin”. “If I had the power I would cancel all their plane tickets and make them walk back. It’s a disgrace for the university. They shouldn’t be allowed to come home.”

All I gotta say is “yikes”.
















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  • Ron Fulton

    How do you like them apples Margoiles, Cronin can;t even turn in the right roster.

    • Ron Margolies

      Hey dumb ass, learn how to spell my name.

      • Ron Fulton

        No need to use foul language. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I see on other blogs I have a lot of support. Maybe they can hire a coach that can turn in the proper roster so they don’t get a technical and lose points in a close game. Sorry I spelled your name wrong I am not a very good typist.

        • Ron Margolies

          For whatever reason you keep referring to “heat in the kitchen” for the life of me I don’t know why. You must feel that you are somehow making sense and I see your observations as something that actually has merit. Believe me, thats not the case.

          You mention you have a lot of supporters, I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen any support for you at all. I will just have to take your word for it, as I haven’t seen it.

          Regarding the mistake in turning in the line up cards without checking them, that certainly didn’t cost them the game, it did cost them a point but nothing else other than some embarrassment.

          My problem with your post is that they are not factual in the least, but rarely have are anything other than opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions are not to be presented as facts. Presenting opinions as fact is simply nonsense. Once you made a statement that you were 76 years old and had been a fan since before I was born. That Mr. Fulton is pure assumption, presentated like it is a fact, you have no knowledge of how old I am or how long I have been a Bearcat fan.

          I have said in the past that you are a “one trick pony” and I stand by that. You mention your dislike/hate for Coach Cronin in every single post you make. So, we all know that you are a Cronin hater, what we don’t know is do you know or stand for anything else.

          • Ron Fulton

            Heat in the kitchen. That means you cannot handle critism. I’ll try not to make analogies being you are a little slow. About the roster, it is not the point that it cost them it’s the idea that you don’t do it in a tight game because it could mean the difference.I believe my posts are very factual regarding his contract, and I believe they are the only numbers I quoted. If you want other people who agree with me I suggest you go to cbssports and bleacher report and select the Bearcats and you will see the comments. In fact one of the people who agree with me was a Man named Mike Dalton. I do not hate Cronin, I think he really cares but he is not a major coach and I don’t why you cannot see this. Don’t you think a coach would prepare to invilve other scorers in his offense during the season when you know it was a glaring weakness. That is all I’m saying.

          • bearcats4

            Mr. Fulton , you are not a Cincy Bearcats fan. You are a pretender, and all of us that read the nonsense you write consider you a troll and an a little ill. IMO you are worst than N.Z. ever was for Cincy Bearcats sports. By the way, how did you like the power offense of Florida 54 pts. vs. Uconn 60 pts. in NC. Your music is the same sad song.

          • Ron Fulton

            Call me what you like. It’s all water under the bridge. I merely said that I thought that Cronin was the wrong choice for coach and I am entitled to my opinion. Under him they will never be a contender. I do hope they go to the Big 12. You are wrong though since I have followed the Cats since 1947. You are a Cronin guy and I am not. We will see who is right in the future.

          • bearcats4

            And WE are saying enough is enough, your bags are packed, please go follow WV or anyone else you wish. Leave us be. We don’t need or want a fan that constantly has nothing but negative opinion of Cincinnati Bearcats, please find another team to play your sad music for. We all are enjoying the great times in Cincinnati Bearcats sports . The great coaches, the great overall players, by far the greatest facilities ever, players great success on the field and in the classroom. Please go be happy elsewhere, no doubt we’ll be better of without you.

          • Ron Fulton

            wow was that a mouthful. Too bad you don’t know what your talking about.

          • bearcats4

            You’re not gone yet

    • bearcats4

      As Cincinnati Enqueirer reported, it was the score keeping staff that omitted Sanders name from official list and NOT Coach Cronin or Bearcats staff, but you don’t know the difference anyway.,…same sad song.

      • Ron Fulton

        Obviously you are young and don’t understand business and life. The boss is always accountable for what his underlings do.

    • Ron Margolies

      Just got 2.2 million. Go cry yourself to sleep.