Jan 7, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats forward Justin Jackson (5) reacts after a play during the second half against the Houston Cougars at Hofheinz Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Jackson A Thug? Shame On You William Law

Have any Bearcats fans ever though of Justin Jackson as a thug? Better yet has anyone in the country, the media or anyone with a pulse ever called Jackson a thug? The answer is no, but that didn’t stop William Law of Hamilton, Ohio from calling Jackson a thug in a letter published on the Cincinnati Enquire website this week.

What Law said is repulsive, borderline racist and in no way indicative of what 99% of Bearcats fans think of Jackson. Here is what Law said:

Contrary to the headline over Paul Daugherty’s story, Justin Jackson’s snarls do not make all “UC fans grin and opponents wince” (Feb. 3). Many are just disgusted. It is more of the street thug behavior that was showcased by the Xavier and UC teams in the recent Cross Town Street Fight. That kind of behavior has not been “misunderstood and misinterpreted.” It is exactly what it appears to be: street thuggery. It is contrary to everything that college sports are supposed to epitomize – sportsmanship and character-building. It is ruining the college game and driving away many longtime fans.

William Law,Hamilton

Lets break this down on a realistic level, not one clouded by racism and ignorance. First off Mr. Law I have never met anyone that was “disgusted” by Jackson’s “mean face” or as you put it “snarls.” In fact the students have embraced the Justing Jackson “mean face”, children love coming to the games with their parents to watch Jackson play. Crowds feed off his energy, there is a reason Cincinnati is undefeated in Fifth Third Arena this year.

Please, and I’m begging you, please tell me how this is thug behavior? In no way is this indicative of “thug behavior”, in fact have you ever seen real thugs Mr. Law? Based on this I don’t think you have. You want a thug look no further than Tu Holloway.

I ask you Mr. Law if Jackson was a white player would this be an issue? Do you have a problem with Mick Cronin doing his version of the mean face? He does it every game, is that a display of “street thuggery?” What you said right there without explicitly saying it is that african american players are thugs, you generalized and grouped Jackson in with a very tiny group of basketball players. Please tell me the last time a Mick Cronin player had a run in with the law? I can think of one, Lance Stephenson and that was after he left the university. Cronin coached players are some of the most respectable men on campus.

To attack someones character while making yourself look like a fool, that is just ignorance Mr. Law. I hope you no longer want to be a Bearcats fan because of Jackson. Real fans know the amount of hard work and dedication he put in over the summer to become the player he is. Look in the mirror Mr. Law, the problem lies with you and no one else.

Go Bearcats!

P.s. If someone reading this knows Mr. William Law of Hamilton, OH please forward this to him. And shame on you Cincinnati Enquire for even entertaining this.

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