Feb 1, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Xavier Musketeers head coach Chris Mack asks forward Justin Martin (20) if he watched Justin Jackson play defense. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Fans, Why The Animosity

Xavier Fans,

I write to you today asking why must you be so contentious on twitter and message boards? Why must you call the Cincinnati Bearcats thugs, trash the university and make fun of the females? Is life over on Dana that bad, are all of those generic concrete buildings finally driving you all mad? I don’t know all the answers to these questions I am not a Xavier student nor fan. I do have a sneaking suspicion as to why you are all so contentious though.

Lets start with your move to the new Big East Conference. You had high expectations, you thought this was a great move, you were finally in a respectable conference playing legitimate teams (a few). Instead you have joined a glorified A10 conference while Cincinnati left the Big East to join the American Athletic Conference and currently sits 13th in the country in what the national media considers a better conference. I get how frustrating that is, I really do.

Then there is the Crosstown Shootout. You all dominated that game, made Cincinnati look like a bunch of middle schoolers out there. A 62-47 win in front of a pro Cincinnati crowd. You expected respect from that win, instead no one remembers that win and no one counts it against Cincinnati. That is very frustrating as a fan, especially when you go on twitter and attack Cincinnati fans who brush it off with “13th ranked, still 17 wins ahead of you in the match up.” I can’t imagine how infuriating that is.

If all of that wasn’t enough to make you angry you now have to deal with former real Big East teams that play killer defense. Xavier has never faced such staunch defenses, the A10 is comprised of who? UMass? Woohoo there, welcome to real basketball. Yeah you beat Georgetown but losses to Providence and Seton Hall has everyone outside of Xavier questioning if this team can really compete. In fact Cincinnati is your only quality win this year, three straight losses earlier in the year to AQ schools had to have been a downer. Now you’re beating some Big East teams and you sit 4th in conference but can you really compete for a conference title? I don’t think so.

Now it comes down to you all on twitter, constantly attacking Cincinnati fans. With accounts like @WhosKilpatrick and @XU_BlueCrew it is no wonder people can’t stand you. Mean while we’re all just over here on a 13 game win streak sitting at 20-2, undefeated in conference coming off a win over defending National Champs Louisville and I have to wake up Friday morning to you buffoons on twitter (not those accounts in particular). We hate you as much as you hate us, the difference between us and you. Class. The knowing of when to talk and when not to. We got our asses handed to us by Xavier, yet we have moved on, not losing since then and minding our own business. I suggest you focus on your season and your team, we have the Bearcats covered.

Thanks, @MattNiehaus

P.s if you want to see how defense is played head over to Clifton, that is if you can find a ticket. Go Bearcats!

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  • Jesse Mapati

    Ooooooooo kill em!

  • Heiner Steffen

    Wow Matt…way to dice and slice…forget the Muskie trolls..let’s take care of business today at noon and maybe a top 10?

  • Chris Hanson

    Really at the end of the day Matt, it sounds to me like you’re just still mad the Muskies won. :). God I love this rivalry.

  • Xavier

    I think that should clear the “strength” of Cincinnati’s schedule up a little bit.

  • Bob Sheeran

    As a UC and XU alum, I agree there is not need for either side to be name calling or misrepresenting
    facts. Unfortunately your column leads me to believe you do the latter.

    First of all, Xavier’s campus buildings are made of brick, not concrete. You may be mistaking the
    Xavier campus with NKU which is predominately concrete.

    Secondly, the Big East conference is rated #4 conference in the country while the American
    Athletic Conference is rated #8. Even the A-10 is rated higher than the
    AAC. Check out Warren Nolan basketball
    web site:


    Thirdly, Cincinnati has a good team but not as good as their record would suggest. Much of this is due to

    the lack of quality in the AAC, yet Mick choses to schedule weak non-conference
    opponents as well. Together this creates
    a very weak strength of schedule. Xavier has a strength of schedule of 14 and
    Cincinnati has a strength of schedule #73.

    My advice is to be more objective in your reporting and cite some facts and statistics or as Chris
    suggests, people will think you are just a sore loser.