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Nov 23, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats running back Hosey Williams (23) rushes during the third quarter against the Houston Cougars at BBVA Compass Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bearcats Or Ohio State Buckeyes? Choose One Not Both

People of Cincinnati, pick a side. For far too long many of you have claimed to be “huge” Cincinnati Bearcats fans, that is until Ohio State starts winning or heads to a big bowl then everyone because a “die hard” Ohio State fan. Well the time has come for you to pick a side. This piece is dedicated to helping you figure out which side you are on.

Are you attending the University of Cincinnati? If yes, you are a Bearcats fan, stop wearing your Ohio State sweatshirt on campus and talking about how great they are, if it is so great transfer there. Until then buy a UC shirt and support your team.

Did you or an immediate family member attend the University of Cincinnati? If yes, you’re a Bearcat fan. Who cares if you’ve lived in Ohio your whole life, you went to Cincinnati, your family went to Cincinnati. Disclaimer, if you attended Ohio State and your wife attended UC, be a Ohio State fan.

Are your from Cincinnati and didn’t go to college? If yes, you’re a Bearcat fan, you support where you are from. You aren’t from Columbus, you didn’t go to Ohio State, support your hometown.

Did you or do you go to Ohio State? If yes, then be a Buckeye fan you’re the one that has to live with that awful decision not me. You should represent that school, everyone respects that.

Oh you’re from Columbus but go to Cincinnati? Once again you’re a Bearcats fan, you made the best decision of your life coming here why are you vicariously living through Ohio State fandom? Represent your school, you will love your experience that much more when you are emotionally involved.

You go to Xavier, who do you support? I’d say support your football team but Xavier hasn’t figured out how to play football since ’72 so be Buckeye fans. That is a duo from hell, Ohio State and Xavier fans together is a nagging, complaining filled nightmare.

I live in Covington/Newport and I’m confused? No need to worry friend, since NKU doesn’t play football you’re more than welcome to support UC. You could always support Kentucky like every other person in your state but if you would like to relevant at some point in your life come to clifton.

Hopefully this helps some of you out. In review, you go to UC or ever went to UC, you support UC. Burn your Buckeye gear if you live in Cincinnati unless you attended that tattoo providing institution up north. If you live in Cincinnati its a non question you’re a buckeye fan.

If for some reason you are still confused feel free to tweet us @riverfrontball with your questions. Until then Go Bearcats!

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