Oct 31, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) passes the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first quarter at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals Twitter Reaction

Thursday night the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Miami Dolphins in only a way the Bengals could. A game ending safety in overtime

doomed the Bengals 22-20. A week after putting up 49 points against that New York Jets the Bengals struggled to find their feet on offense all night. A disappointing loss leads to some wonderful twitter material.




That last one irked me. Considering it is coming from a Detroit sports fan apparently.

The twitter reaction to Andy Dalton last night and this morning. Dalton is coming over three 300+ yard games in a row, three straight wins. So naturally it is about time for a twitter trashing.




As you can see Andy Dalton is the worst person on earth. He ruined your fantasy football week, which surely he is ok with because he plays real football while you fret over something that matters nothing. Also a regular comedian showed up with that Palmer tweet, hilarious the first time I saw it, 12 hours ago.

After the Dalton trashing and the Bengals trashing came the season ending tweets. Defensive end Geno Atkins tore his ACL. With two of their best defensive players now out for the season Cincinnati faces an uphill battle, one Bengals fans have already seemingly given up on.



There you have it folks Bill Flynn says the season is over. See you all in 2014 or more realistically the playoffs this season. Cincinnati is still on track to win the division and go to the playoffs for the third straight season.

One bad loss to a Miami team that took the Patriots to the brink and started off 4-0 may look bad but realistically it isn’t as bad of a loss as many think.

Cincinnati returns to the field Nov 10th against the Baltimore Ravens.

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