Bengals QB Andy Dalton Aware of Suh's Antics.

Detriot Lions DT Ndamukong Suh know for his fines, his first one came in August of 2011, when the NFL booked him  for $20,000 for a hit during a preseason game on Cincinnati’s then rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. The play in question came in the first quarter of Dalton’s first game in a Bengals uniform. Suh broke past the offensive line, galloped into the backfield toward Dalton, and in one motion, grabbed the quarterback  who had just gotten rid of the football around the neck, forcing his helmet to come off. Even as the helmet came dislodged, Suh’s momentum continued, resulting in him picking up Dalton and slamming him, helmet-less, into the ground yeah ugly right?

The Bengals remember the play quite well, but good luck getting any of them to talk about it this week. Many of them don’t want to feed a story line that they don’t think exists.

“He’s a good player,” Dalton said , asked about the preseason hit. “He’s an aggressive guy. He’s a disruptive guy. So you’ve got to find ways to slow him down. You’ve got to do certain things because he’s pretty good. We know where he’s going to be, but it’s a big challenge for us.”

The Cincinnati Bengals offensive line, has the perfect solution for handling the Lions defensive tackle Suh this Sunday and the post play antics that have caused most around the NFL to consider him a dirty player.

When they face the 307 pound tackler and the rest of the intimidating defensive line that Lions will throw out there that has two other first round draft picks Sunday afternoon,Offensive Linemen Andrew Whitworth believes he and his teammates need to have one concern: BLOCK HIM.



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