Adam Jones Not Guilty

Adam Jones aka Pacman Jones was found not guilty by a Hamilton County Judge on Tuesday afternoon in Cincinnati. Jones was APTOPIX Patriots Bengals Football.JPEG-085bdfound not guilty after a two day trail for the assault of Shannon Wesley in Mid-June.

Jones’s lawyer cited self defense in his defense of Jones. Relying solely on video evidence to show that Jones was not the aggressor in this situation but rather the victim. Jones’s lawyer Ralph Kohnen rested without calling any witnesses to the stand. In the video of the assault you can clearly see Jones and Wesley engaged in a confrontation. At the point Wesley moves a beer bottle towards Joneses face Jones strikes Wesley before being pulled away by teammate Chris Lewis-Harris and a bounce.

The judge ruled in favor of Jones stating that “The initial aggressor in this case was Shannon Wesley with the beer bottle.” The judge while siding with Jones did acknowledge his “lack of civility” in the situation. The not guilty ruling has huge implications for Jones and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jones has had countless run ins with the law during his time in the NFL. Having been suspended multiple times a guilty verdict would have made Jones a repeat offender allowing the NFL to suspend him under the personal conduct policy. Since he was found not guilty though it will be interesting to see if the NFL takes any action at all.

On the field Jones has been great for the Bengals, his interception in the fourth quarter last Sunday sealed the deal for the Bengals in their win over the Patriots. Jones might not be the most likable player off the field but his prowess on defense is something all Bengals fans respect.


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