May 25, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds pitching coach Bryan Price (38) talks to starting pitcher Homer Bailey (34) during the seventh inning against the Chicago Cubs at Great American Ball Park. The Reds defeated the Cubs 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Potential Reds Managers

Now that the dust has settled and Dusty Baker is no longer the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, the time comes to pick his

replacement. There are many names that have floated around, some reasonable, some that are complete lunacy. There are two choices that are the favorites.

Reasonable names that are being floated around include Reds pitching coach Bryan Price and Triple A Louisville manager Jim Riggleman make the most sense at the moment.

Bryan Price has been the pitching coach for the Reds since 2009. He has worked as a pitching coach since 2001 when he started with the Seattle Mariners. His pitching staff in Seattle led the American League in 2001 in ERA, in 2009 he helped the Arizona Diamondbacks advance to the NLCS with an NL fourth best4.13ERA. Price has shown he can develop pitchers (Bailey, Leake, Wood) as well as work the bullpen, something Dusty Baker failed to do. Price has a massive amount of composure as well. Can he be a leader and fire up the troops is the only question.

Jim Riggleman has had a few stints as a manager in the big leagues before. He managed the Padres (1992-1994), Cubs (1995-1999), Mariners (2008), and the Nationals (2009-2011). His most recent stop in Washington saw him build the Nationals into what they were in 2011 and 2012. He left Washington after the Nationals refused to extend his contract despite the fact he was winning. Riggleman resigned on June 23, 2011 after a win, the teams 11th win in 12 games. Riggleman then joined the Reds farm system, managing the Double A team in 2012, and the Triple A team in 2013.

David Bell is the last logical sensible choice. Bell was the Reds double A manager from 2008-2011 when he was promoted for to the Triple A affiliate in Louisville to manage the RiverBats. In 2012 Bell bolted from Louisville to join the Cubs as their third base coach. Cincinnati supposedly had a plan in place for Bell to eventually take over. He is a Cincinnati guy but the front office may be upset with his decision to go to the Cubs.

While those are the reasonable choices there are three completely ridiculous names that people have mentioned.

Tony LaRussa has been mentioned enough times to make anyone nauseous. LaRussa has won 3 world series rings with two different teams. Oh yeah two of those were with the Cardinals meaning he will never manage the Reds so stop with the LaRussa tweets. In case anyone forgot Larussa hates Cincinnati, look at the 2010 fight. And the 2012 All-Star game when he left Cueto and Bruce off the All-Star roster, but you know, no hard feelings.

Mike Scioscia is a name a few people have tossed around. Biggest problem with that name is that Scioscia still has a job, for now at least. The Angles will likely fire him before the end of the postseason. Scioscia is a good manager, he did a lot with a lack of big names before owner Arte Moreno destroyed the team in favor of Pujols, Hamilton and Wilson. Good guy but not really a logical fit for the Reds.

Barry Larkin has been a popular twitter mention. And that is exactly where that idea/experiment should stay, on twitter. Love Barry Larkin great guy, great player and definitely a Cincinnati guy but no real managerial experience plus the fact he managed the WBC Brazil team to straight losses doesn’t help. Larkin would make a good bench coach but even that is unlikely.

Now that the logical and irrational choices have been mentioned it is time to throw in a wildcard, a pick from left field well actually a pick from Louisville and sometimes Cincinnati.

Corky Miller. Before you scoff and tweet me telling me I’m dumb listen. Corky Miller is an exceptional leader, he has worked with all the guys to come through the Reds farm system. He is well respected, he loves baseball and he loves the Reds. He is a long shot thats for sure but Corky could be what this team needs. When Corky got a hit this season it fired the team up, he came up big for the Reds a few times. Corky has no managerial experience but he is a down to earth guy who would make logical smart decisions. If he wants the job interview him, thats all I’m saying.

At the end of the day to be cliche here Bryan Price will likely be the next manager of the Cincinnati Reds. He has expressed interest in the job while the Reds front office has said they will interview him. But until a decision is made we all have to sit back and wait.


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