Mar 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats guard Sean Kilpatrick (23) during the second half against the Creighton Bluejays during the second round of the 2013 NCAA tournament at the Wells Fargo Center. Creighton defeated Cincinnati 67-63. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Should Bearcats Basketball Move Or Stay?

This evening twitter blew up a little with a debate. Should the University of Cincinnati Bearcats basketball stay at Fifth Third Arena on campus or move to US Bank Arena downtown? It appears from the best we can tell that Cincinnati sports talk guy Lance McAlister asked the question on twitter citing an Enquire article.

This question has been floating around Clifton for the last few months, it seems to be gaining momentum as well.

There are pros and cons to both arenas, the downside is both arenas are old. Both arenas pre date me and every other student at UC. There is a need for a new arena but that isn’t likely to happen so lets discuss what we have for now.

US Bank Arena: Built in 1975, Capacity 17,000 for basketball.

US Bank has some positives going for it. The arena holds more people than Fifth Third, nearly 4,000 more. There is also an abundance of parking available very close to the arena. Not only is there a lot of parking the parking is incredibly easy to get in and out of. When is the last time you were in Clifton and said “man parking was great tonight!” Yeah thats never happened. To join easy parking there is also the Banks two blocks past GABP. Also the concessions and bathrooms are placed much better than Fifth Third.

The downside to US Bank is the fact it is two miles from campus on the other side of the city. Getting the students from Clifton down the hill and through the city to the arena will be hard. There is also the fact this arena is 14 years older than Fifth Third, although it is built like a traditional arena. Not to mention there would have to be a new court put in. Also the school will have to pay to use the arena.

Fifth Third Arena: Built in 1989, Capacity 13,176

Fifth Third has a few pros going for it. It is on campus, the students love it. It is all we have so we embrace it. The arena brings people to Clifton, which in returns helps the school stores and the restaurants in the area. Plus it is free to use, the school doesn’t have to pay to use the arena on campus. Also as a soon to be alumni I would rather come back to Clifton and campus where I had many good nights than go to US Bank.

The cons to Fifth Third are obvious. The arena is not built like an arena, it is built like a glorified high school arena. The traditional bowl design that US Bank utilizes wasn’t used for Fifth Third. Then there is the issue of parking, parking in Clifton sucks, basketball games aren’t as bad as football but it’s still awful. University garages are generally reserved for pass holders, ones that aren’t are on the opposite side of campus. Then there is the general idea that Clifton and the campus are unsafe and that scares plenty of people away.

The pros and cons for both are obvious. It all depends on what type of fan you are. If you want a traditional arena experience US Bank is your arena. If you want a college atmosphere where the crowd knows what is happening Fifth Third is the answer.

Personally I want the games to stay on campus. US Bank is good for a once a year game or two. The atmosphere is always better at fifth third. Not to mention the school has tried this was in the 70’s and 80’s and it bombed, everyone wanted the games back on campus.

College sporting events are just that, College events, they should be on campus. This notion that it is all about the atmosphere after the game is ridiculous. If you like the YUM! Center and the atmosphere around the arena by all means go to Louisville. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment around Clifton. Not to mention the addition of U Square with plenty of new bars.

The Bearcats belong on campus. Plus the notion that moving to US Bank would make us “Cincinnati’s team” is ridiculous. Last time I checked we have Cincinnati in our name, making us the only visible school in Cincinnati.

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