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Dusty Baker Changes Lineup

The Reds released their lineup for this afternoons game against the Chicago Cubs. There was one major difference in the line up,

one that has already infuriated and confused Reds fans moments after it was released.

Dusty Baker has decided to move Shin Soo Choo out of the lead off spot and moved down to second in the lineup while putting Derrick Robinson into the leadoff spot. Choo has hit .280 with a .430 OBS. Choo has been key for scoring runs early for the Reds. Robinson is batting .321 this season, great numbers although he has not played in every game.

Zach Cozart is out of the line up today, instead Cesar Izturis replaces him at Short Stop. Cozart has struggled with the bat this season, batting .244 but Izturis is batting a dismal .159. The reason Cozart is out of the lineup has to be for rest, Dusty wouldn’t pull Cozart for Izturis based on performance, at least we better hope not.

Other than those two changes there isn’t much out of the ordinary. Mesoraco is catching this afternoon, he and Ryan Hanigan have been on somewhat of a rotation this season.

The move to move Choo down in the order is baffling. Choo is gets on base 43% of the time he comes to the plate, thats third best in the majors. With him on base it makes it easier for Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips to drive him in when they come to the plate. By moving him down in the order Dusty is now taking away a base from Choo, based on singles if each player gets a hit.

Robinson may flourish in the leadoff spot, no one knows yet. After last night though in a 12-2 thumping of the Cubs why would you mess with success? Just another decision from Dusty Baker that leaves Reds fans scratching their heads.

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