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Cincinnati Reds Lose Thanks To Dusty Baker

The Cincinnati Reds lost on Sunday to Triple A Chicago Cubs in a game that Dusty Baker once again out managed himself and mis-handled the bullpen once again. Cincinnati led through seven innings

looking like they would breeze through this game for their sixth win in a row and sweep of the Cubs. Instead the Reds blow a three run lead and lose a game in extras they should have easily won in nine.

Johnny Cueto was pitching a gem for the Reds through seven innings, only giving up four hits and one run Cueto was at 106 pitches at the time he was pulled. Cueto could have easily gone through the eighth instead manager Dusty Baker decided to pull Cueto and send Logan Ondrusek to the mound. I will say this, Cueto did just come off the DL so I can see Baker’s thinking in not wanting to over work him, except for the fact it was only one more inning.

Ondrusek comes in and in typical reds bottom relief fashion promptly gives up three runs in two thirds of an inning resulting in a tied game. Once Ondrusek had tied the game, Dusty then decided it was time to pull the tall right hander. Baker could have and should have pulled him before that, why do you have better relief pitchers yet you continue to use the low men in the bullpen. It is absolutely mind blowing.

After the implosion of Ondrusek Dusty then put Manny Parra into the game because thats exactly what you do in a complete meltdown. Put in the guy who had a huge meltdown in his last major league appearance. But to Parra’s credit he did a great job getting through his one third of an inning.

The Reds offense fell silent in the late innings and in extras where Wellington Castillo doubled to center and drove in the game winning run.

Dusty Baker needs to learn how to manage his pitchers and his bullpen. Generally “couch managers” annoy the crap out of me but in this case anyone saying Dusty doesn’t know what he is doing are completely right. I wrote at the beginning of the season we as fans need to support Dusty, he has got us to the playoffs. I’m done with that now. Brian Price should be our manager.

Cincinnati welcomes the Cleveland Indians to town tomorrow for a two game series at GABP then two games at the Jake Wednesday and Thursday.

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