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Cincinnati Reds Drop 2 In Philly

Well another day and another Cincinnati Reds loss that should have been a win. It was a frustrating series, Saturday was the

only bright spot really for Reds fans when the club scored 10 runs and blanked the Phillies. Sunday though was beyond frustrating for the Reds faithful.

Homer Bailey pitched a gem Sunday, he held the Phillies scoreless through the 7th when Dusty decided it was time to pull him. That decision ultimately cost Cincinnati the game. Homer had only pitched 96 pitches when he was pulled so keep that in mind. Jonathan Broxton was called in to close out the 8th, he gave up a run with two runners on so he was pulled after a third of an inning. Dusty then turned to Sean Marshall to save the 8th and he did, Marshall got the last two outs to send the game to the 9th.

The 9th is when the wheels fell off. Cincinnati didn’t score in the 9th, figuring they had a lead and the best closer in baseball coming up. Aroldis Chapman has been money for the Reds until recently. He blew his last save opportunity and today he laid a brick giving up two home runs including the walkoff homer.

Dusty Baker needs to be held accountable for loses, I have tried to stand by him, support him and tell the doubters he’s the right guy. I’m done with that now. It is beyond frustrating to watch bad decision after bad decision be made. Homer went 125 pitches in his last start against the Miami Marlins. Why would you let him do that then and not now. Better yet why did let him doing that knowing you were going to Philly. Any bullpen pitcher we have could have saved a game against the Marlins.

It is frustrating to watch wins slip away because someone is inept at their job.

Anyway Cincinnati is off to New York tomorrow to face the Mets. Should easily take 2/3 but who knows.

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  • metalhead65

    and besides the total mishandling of the pitching staff I would love see someone defend his insistence on putting people who can’t hit in the 2 spot simply because they are fast. you would think he would have learned after the stubbs fiasco that does not matter how fast you are if can’t get on base. cozart proved last year he could not bat second yet he continues to put him there.there is no reason at this point not to try somebody else, it’s not like they could do any worse. why not try frazier? sure he is not doing so hot although he has shown signs that his ready to break out but he would get better pitches to hit in front of votto. and what is the point of calling up Lutz if you refuse to give him a chance to play everyday? how does he get experience by sitting on the bench? the guy belts the ball but sits the next game. paul should have been given the job the min. Heisey went down. then after a month if he were not getting it done then lutz or robinson should have got their chance. but for the love of God pick someone and stick with them! you never get consistency with this 2 days on 3 days off nonsense!