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The WOO! Love It, Hate It Learn To Accept It

Every home game and I mean every home game twitter is inundated with tweets from people complaining about fans in the

stadium “Wooing” usually late in the game. While the Woo certainly has its haters there are some who have embraced the Woo including myself.

The Woo started last season in September during a 14 inning game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. A game that ran late and seemed to be never ending needed some excitement. All of a sudden it sounded like there were hundreds of Ric Flairs at GABP. The Enquire credits an 11 year old with the creation of the Woo, for all of us watching from home we credit the Kenny Powers red head look alike. That night though the Woo was born and boy has it been a talking point.

Attending a game today you are certain to hear some Wooing late in games. Fans at the park seem to love it and embrace it, I mean what other ballpark has fans that are that loud. Fans watching from home though have become increasingly annoyed with the Woo. Looking at twitter you are guaranteed to see people complaining about the Woo.

If you hate the Woo and it annoys you so much to watch it on television, but tickets to the game and don’t Woo. Take away tickets from potential Woo-ers. Until then stop complaining about it. Nothing aggravates me more than fair weather fans complaining, or anyone complaining. You have one of the best teams in baseball in your city and instead of praising them you criticize the fans in the stands.

So as far as I’m concerned Woo! on.

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  • jeff yaws

    please, the woo is effin ridiculous
    and most REAL reds fans hate it
    who would want to go and try to enjoy a game in GABP and listen to some bored drunk fairweather fan sittin next to you freakin WOO’ing every 3 seconds just because its trendy?
    bet your ass that if im there and the douche in the seat next to me starts wooing; he will only do it once.

    what a dumb ass thing to support

  • Mike Salyers

    The woo is so annoying that I don’t even think twice about going down while this garbage is going on. I turn the T.V on, sound off, and listen to the game on WLW. They have figured out a way to keep it non audible. And Neihaus, are you a Cards fan? Because the woo irritates Reds players when they are pitching or batting. Just wondering.