Could UC Move To US Bank?

Today the idea of moving UC basketball games from their current home in Fifth Third Arena downtown to US Bank Arena was raised by Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin. 

Currently the Bearcats only play one game a season at US Bank, the Crosstown Shootout (Showdown) against Xavier to create a neutral site. In years past they have played a game or two at the Bank just for giggles and grins. Cincinnati and Xavier sold out US Bank this season but that game is a huge rivalry in the city so it is yet to be seen if Cincinnati can sell it out every game.

Fifth Third has become obsolete by todays standards for arenas on university campuses. Especially standards of the ACC, the conference the Bearcats are vying to get into. Fifth Third was build in 1989, when the arena was built it was built with stands on all four walls, they did not utilize the corners of the arena. Because of that the arena only holds 13,176 people. The hallways are a little small, the facilities aren’t enough for a packed house and parking anywhere in Clifton is a pain.

US Bank on the other hand was build as a traditional arena should be build. With bowl style seating the arena is able to hold 17,000 people in its basketball configuration. Sure US Bank was built in 1975 but the facility has been renovated. The hallways are wide enough for all patrons, the facilities are good and the location isn’t hateful, plenty of close parking.

The main question surrounding this move would be can Cincinnati fill US Bank on a regular basis? With the demise of the Big East Cincinnati is now the top program in the AAC. So one of two things will happen, fans will show up and pack the house because the Bearcats are dominating or they won’t show up because of lack luster opponents. It really is a toss up at this point.

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