Cincinnati Reds are very Machine-Like- in Their Start to the Season.

The Cincinnati Reds went into this season having to face two teams that were each  picked to win their leagues and probably go on to the World Series. The Los Angeles Angels are said to have one of  the strongest line-ups ever and the Washington Nationals are said to have one  of the strongest pitching staffs ever. You know what, that might very well be  true. But when they matched up team to team with the Reds, they both lost two  out of three.

Take a look and you’ll notice the Angels didn’t hit in their series against  the Reds. No clearly way to say it can be found. They just didn’t hit the way  they are supposed to be able to. They might soon and everyone might say that it  wasn’t the Reds shutting them down but rather them not being full speed. Okay,  maybe. But, they still beat them. It was the first three games of the year for  the Reds too after all and they lost one of their best players early in the  series. They won anyway.

Then came the Nationals to town with their powerful five starting pitchers. Game  one result: Reds crushed them 15-0. Okay well that takes care of them being  unhittable. What’s next? What that it was Dan Haren and not the  incredible Stephen Strausburg?  Yeah Johnny Cueto out lasted him on Sunday as the Reds punted him for six runs in  5-1/3 innings. There might very well be excuses for both of those things but I  will take one strong stance on the matter.

Line up whatever team you want. The Nationals, Angels, Orioles, Tigers, Braves and Dodgers all should be among them.  Let them all have a shot at the Reds and I think this statement might still ring  true. There are many great teams in the major leagues but none to this point  have proven themselves better than the Cincinnati Reds.



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