Xavier To The Big East, The New Weaker Big East

No offense to the school off of Dana but celebrating a move to the “Big East” like you’re going to be playing with the likes of Syracuse, Louisville, Connecticut and Cincinnati is laughable. 

In case you have been avoiding the college basketball rumor mill for the last few months the Catholic 7 have taken the Big East name and made it their own. The original Catholic 7 consisted of Georgetown, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova, Marquette, and DePaul. In addition they announce that Xavier, Butler and Creighton will join them in the new Big East.

Of the ten teams in the Big East two have national championships and those came in 1984 and 1985. Sure some of the schools have been hot in recent years. But this is nothing like the old Big East, this new Big East is not a league that will put 9-10 teams into the tournament. To call this league strong is hilarious, this league at best is the A10 on steroids.

So to all the Xavier students and fans that took to twitter this afternoon to joyously exclaim that they were in the Big East, just know you are in the Big East but you will never be a part of the real Big East. The memories and moments from the last thirty years died last saturday when Louisville won the last Big East tournament.

Before you tweet me how biased I am towards Cincinnati I will say this, the American 12 our new conference is garbage. It is a conference Cincinnati should easily win next season. At some point in the near future though Cincinnati will receive an ACC invite. Until then enjoy your new conference Xavier, atleast the 12 year Fox deal will pay you well.

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