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USA Bounced From WBC

The United States national team was bounced from the World Baseball Classic friday night in a loss to the Puerto Rican national team. A team the US beat 7-1 tuesday night in Miami. With this loss the United States is now out of the World Baseball Classic, meaning for the third time the most powerful baseball country on earth will not win baseball’s version of the world cup.

The WBC means little to anything to the average baseball fan in the country, I mean I love baseball but I couldn’t even get into the Classic this time around. As baseball fans we just want to see our MLB clubs playing rather than a national team that is more focused on opening day than reaching the WBC final.

Good news for all baseball fans, your american players will be back in spring training earlier than expected. Meaning less chance of injury to your favorite american player. As a Cincinnati resident and subsequently a Reds fan I’m over joyed Brandon Phillips will safely return to Arizona to get ready for opening day. Phillips is known for playing flat out and he did that in the WBC much to most Red’s fans chagrin.

The WBC returns in four years, likely to the same lukewarm fanfare that it had this season. Baseball fans in America solely care about MLB, a national team tournament isn’t as cool as the World Cup. In latin america and Asia this tournament is huge, the fans in those countries and the teams play 100%, this is their chance to prove how good they are. Meanwhile the US knows they have a full baseball season ahead of them, getting hurt now would horrid.

My advice, get rid of the WBC or move it to the end of the season.

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