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Cincinnati Reds Sign Six Men To Roster To Protect Them From Rule 5 Draft in Major League Baseball

The Reds added Daniel Corcino, Yorman Rodgriguez, Ismael Guillon, Carlos Contreras, Curtis Partch, and Josh Ravin to the 40-man roster. The move was necessary due to the Rule 5 Draft deadline approaching. By adding those six players, the Cincinnati Reds will keep them safe in the organization on December 6th when the draft takes place.

For those new to the winter draft process, here are some things you should know. The Rule 5 Draft is a draft to allow other teams the ability to draft players that teams previously signed at a young age. As you know, teams frequently draft players as young as 18 and 19 years old right out of high school into their systems. Sometimes those players move up quickly, but a lot of times those players get lost in the rotations.

The Rule 5 process is put in to place to protect those players. So if a team picked up an 18 year old, that team must move him to their 40-man roster within five years or the player will become eligible for the Rule 5 draft and is no longer protected. The same rule is in place for players picked up at 19 years of age; however they are only protected property of the original organization for four years.

The December draft goes on to protect the players even further. Clubs must pay $50,000 to have the ability to select a player from the Rule 5 Draft. If that player doesn’t stay on the 25-man roster for a full season with the new club, he must be offered back to his previous club for just $25,000.

The Cincinnati Reds decided that there were six players worth protecting from the Rule 5 draft this week, starting with Daniel Corcino. Corcino has been a stand-out pitcher in Pensacola for the Reds. In his 26 starts, he possesses a 3.01 ERA. The starting right-hander holds an 8-8 record, 65 walks and 126 strike outs.

The team also saved two more right-handed pitchers. Josh Ravin, a reliever in Pensacola, had 23 appearances this season and holds a 5.25 ERA and record of 1-3. Carlos Contreras, also a reliever, played 49 games with a 3.12 ERA and reliever Curtis Partch, was 7-4 with a 4.26 ERA over 82 innings.

The other two players added to the Reds’ roster before the Rule 5 Draft were starting left-handed pitcher Ismael Guillon and outfield Yorman Rodgriquez. Guillon was 6-1 in 15 games with a 2.38 ERA. Rodriguez came to the club by way of Venezuela. The outfielder started his career slow, but eventually got his groove back batting .271 with six home-runs and 44 RBIs in 65 games with the Dragons.

After the move, the Reds’ have one open spot on the team’s 40-man roster.

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