Oct 21, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko (94) reacts after the Bengals recover a fumble by the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (not pictured) during the first half at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

NFL Power Rankings, Bengals on the Rise

The NFL Week 9 power rankings have been released and there is good news for Bengals fans. While their team was on a bye, the team actually gained two spaces. Maybe there is something to be said when the team is off of the field.

So let’s start with the least powerful team and work our way to the powerhouse on the top of the list.

32. The Kansas City Chiefs – No surprise here. The Chiefs are sporting a 1-6 record and Brady Quinn could not seem to spark the team at all last week. In fact, he left the game in first quarter after completing two passes for one yard and an interception.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars – Again, shocker. Jacksonville also comes in at 1-6. However, they did have a decent game against Green Bay. They were able to hang in there with the Pack, but couldn’t finish the game out. Their fans can at least see some bright spots in their record.

30. Carolina Panthers – Also 1-6. What is going on with Cam Newton this year? Talk about a Sophomore Slump. It seems like Ron Rivera is big news now to be the next to go in the Panthers organization.

29. Cleveland Browns – The Browns were able to pull off a one point victory last week against the San Diego Chargers for their second win of the season. This places their record at 2-6. With the way this team has been playing their competition lately, they could be on the rise.

28. New Orleans Saints – Hard to look at the standings and see such a high caliber offense at 2-5. However, that is just what you get this year with regular powerhouses becoming has-beens. Bounty Gate seems to still be affecting the Saints defense. They allowed 535 yards last week.

27. St. Louis Rams – I have to say when the Rams started the season, I thought they would be heading the pack in their division. However, now they have just a 3-5 record. Last week was a different kind of loss though. Tom Brady had a phenomenal game against team in an away game for both teams in London. I will blame jet lag.

26. New York Jets – The Jets record says they are 3-5, but they have been playing much worse. Unless something changes on their offense soon, this team will be taking a step down on this list every week. Maybe instead of chatting the game up all week, they should be practicing.

25. Tennessee Titans – The Titans find themselves at 3-5. There is still hope for them, though, even though they couldn’t send a rebuilding Colts team home with a loss.

24. San Diego Chargers – Record 3-4. Week 8 problem: They lost to the Browns. For some reason, this team just keeps breaking down. No matter where Rivers seems to throw, his receivers just can’t seem to get their hands wrapped around the ball. Fans were trending #FireNorv on Twitter too. It isn’t looking so good in sunny San Diego.

23. Buffalo Bills – Bills were on a bye. Move along.

22. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders come in to the rankings at 3-4. They did nothing spectacular this week, but they won on the road against a backup quarterback.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles have a 3-4 record and a quarterback not getting the job done. The Eagles are looking to bench Vick as early as the next game if something doesn’t change soon. Reid’s job is already on the line this year. So every game really is a win or go home scenario.

20. Washington Redskins – 3-5 with a rookie quarterback isn’t horrible in this league. RGIII finally showed he was human last week. However, what I saw of the game last week, his receivers did not help his super hero case.

19. Cincinnati Bengals – 3-4 with a bye last week. It sure is nice to move on up while you sit on your couch.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Another 3-4 record. With Freeman and Martin last week, this teams looks like they have their eye on the prize. Both had a lot of firepower and this team is definitely on the rise.

17. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford finally looked back to 2011self. He threw for 352 yards and 4 touchdowns on his way to getting his team to the 3-4 mark.

16. Dallas Cowboys – The last 3-4 team in the power rankings started their Sunday matchup poorly. However, they were able to save grace and make a comeback to give the Giants a run for their money. The Cowboys still lost, but they kept some dignity intact.

15. Arizona Cardinals – 4-4 is a bit sour for the Card fans. They watched their team win their first four games of the season and are now watching them fall hard, losing the last four games. Will this team ever get back on track?

14. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson and the Seahawks find themselves at 4-4 after week 8. They, seemingly, had the game won on Sunday. But they were unable to stifle the Lions offense in the last seconds of the game and they went to .500 overall.

13. Indianapolis Colts – What a difference a year makes. Though the Colts are sitting on a 4-3 record, it is still a winning one and the way the AFC is looking, Indianapolis is in the hunt.

12. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings come in at 5-3 on the rankings. The Vikes have looked decent, but Ponder has been slipping the last few games. Even though 5-3 is nice, the team will still need to fight to stay alive.

11. Miami Dolphins – That’s right you heard it, well read it, the Miami Dolphins are picking up the 11th spot in the power rankings with a record of 4-3. They blew the Jets up last week and proved that they could be contenders.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers – Where’s Waldo comes in at 4-3 and 10 on the list after a nice win against the Redskins and RGIII. The team looked comfortable and like the Steelers we are used to seeing on Sundays.

9. Green Bay Packers – Though it wasn’t their best win on Sunday, the 5-3 Packers still got the win. It has been an up and down season for the Pack, but they seem to be getting back on track.

8. Denver Broncos – Peyton’s back. At 4-3, the Broncos are on the rise. Peyton currently holds the second best passer rating on third down conversions and is settling into his new team nicely.

7. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are 5-2 and took the week off last week.

6. New England Patriots – The Pats are 5-3, behind a phenomenal performance by Brady in his front of the team’s British fans. They routed the Rams 45-7 on a trip across the pond.

5. Chicago Bears – It was a close one on Sunday against Carolina. The Bears barely pulled it off, but in the NFL only wins matter. The Bears are 6-1 on the season.

4. New York Giants – The Giants are 6-2. Though the team started strong on Sunday, the team almost blew it to the Cowboys for a second time this season. They were able to muster up the will to finish with the win, but can’t allow that to keep happening.

3. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers moved to 6-2 after a very decisive Monday night win. The team cemented their seat in the top 5.

2. Houston Texans – The 6-1 Texans had a bye last week.

1. Atlanta Falcons – 7-0 for the first time in franchise history is nothing to scoff at. This team appears unbeatable. Could we be watching a perfect season unfold?

What will week nine bring in the NFL? This season has been a crazy one, turning the NFL on its head. There are still a lot of teams in the hunt heading in to the second half of the season. Every game counts from here on out. It should make for some interesting football.

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